General issues

S.C. PRESTAREA S.R.L. is not liable before any company or person for any type of prejudice - direct, indirect, and accidental or not - resulting from the use and the inability to use the information accessible on this website or for any sort of errors or content omissions that may lead to any loses.

The entire content of the website (images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphic design, scripts, programmes, logos) is property of the company PRESTAREA S.R.L. and is protected by copyright. Any use of the above mentioned elements without previous agreement from the company PRESTAREA S.R.L. is under punishment according to in force laws. Part of the information posted on the website or the elements composing it (videos, images, technical information etc.) have been obtained directly from the company's partners, some of which are presented in the footer of the website.

Any attempt of unauthorized access on the website and any fraud attempt will be reported to the lawful authorities. Any argument that may arise shall be cleared by a lawful court of justice.

Use and visiting of the website as well as online posting of invitations to tender automatically indicates your approval regarding the below mentioned conditions. Without any previous notification, PRESTAREA S.R.L. may add or erase information on its website.

By using the website you agree to provide correct, valid and complete personal information, as they are requested in the sections: invitation to tender, newsletter subscription, marketing surveys or contact forms.

Information on merchandised products

The colours displayed on the may differ from the real ones. The difference may be caused by your own personal calculation system or the desktop calibration of the computer on which you are viewing the displayed information. Such being the case we cannot be held responsible for the way in which you perceive the products' colours (or the displyed colour samples) when visiting the website.

The possibility exists, that at a certain period in time, certain products may not be available for sale. Our sales consultants will provide you with any necessary information concerning the status of the products presented in the offer and their availability. For further information please contact us at the telephone numbers posted in sections "Showrooms" and "Contact".
Promotions displayed on the website may cease at any time, without previous notification.

Designing invitations to tender

If a user wishes to post an invitation to tender on the website, he/she will have to confirm some personal infomation (name, first name, contact details etc.) in the displayed forms. This piece of information is to be used strictly for responding to the invitations to tender and for contacting the user (either by phone or e-mail) or with the purpose of creating a database for statistical reports and marketing surveys.

Data gathering

The website may be accessed free of charge. One can view the content without having to subscribe first.
By issuing an invitation to tender on the website and by filling in marketing questionnaires or contact details forms, the user automatically agrees to its personal data being retained and processed by S.C. PRESTAREA S.R.L. company. The scope of processing these data refers to: responding to invitations to tender, dissemination of details on promotions carried out by PRESTAREA S.R.L. company - Newsletter e-mail campaigns, letters mailed by Romanian Postal Service or private shipping services, creation of a database for statistical reports and marketing surveys.

Pesonal Data Security

Your personal data shall be used, as declared, only for marketing surveys (statistical reports, market reports etc.).

We will not make public or sell the databases containing personal data information of our clients.

E-mail Notifications

Each user may receive e-mail notifications (for ex.: newsletter, special offers, news) if he/she confirms some of these personal details: name, first name, e-mail address, location (according to the displayed forms). All e-mail notifications sent by the company PRESTAREA S.R.L. offer the possibility to unsubscribe by sending an e-mail confirming this choice to the following address


The information gathered is to be used only by the operator and are later shared to the PRESTAREA S.R.L. staff in charge of the website administration, orders and invitations to tender management as well as to the employees working on the statistical reports and the marketing studies.
As sole keeper of the information gathered on this website, PRESTAREA S.R.L. company is forced to keep the personal data secret and not share it to a third party, apart from those mentioned above and shall not sell, partially disclose or rent these data.

S.C. PRESTAREA S.R.L. is gathering data from users' by different specific methods and instruments at its disposal, such as: newsletter application, saving in the database the contact forms completed by users, by forms designed to aquire information later to be processed for statistical data and marketing reports.

Updating the gathered data

If a user may want to modify his/hers identification data, the new piece of information will automatically be upgraded in the company's database.

Notifications and actions regarding the gathered data

At the users' written request, signed and dated, and sent to the address of PRESTAREA S.R.L. company as detailed in the "Contact" section, we are obliged to:
1. confirm whether we are processing or not personal data; this is to be performed once a year, free of charge;
2. to change, upgrade, block, erase or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, the information that should not be processed, according to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of personal data during processing and their free circulation;
3. to stop processing personal data of the user, if he/she should request this.


PRESTAREA S.R.L. Company implements and adopts all safety measures in order to protect the data gathered form the users of its website. The information gathered from the online forms (contact details, newsletter subscription, market research etc.) will be coded and protected on the company's server.
The servers containing personal identification data are located in a secure place.
If PRESTAREA S.R.L. should decide to change the running policy of the website, these alterations shall be published on the website's section "Terms and Conditions. Privacy Policy.", without any prior notification.
By agreeing to the present displayed document, entitled "Terms and Conditions. Privacy Policy.", the users of the website fully accept all possible risks.